About Us

Bridgesoft was established with the techno-entrepreneurship incentive from The Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) 1512 program.​

Our motivation comes from the desire to solve the inefficiency of the production tools that are frequently used in the agriculture sector and to improve the operational efficiency of these machines with artificial intelligence solutions. In align with this ambition, our main project “Smart SprayeX” is about increasing the efficiency of tractor rear mounted boom agricultural sprayers. The product we are developing within the scope of this project, will improve the spraying process with the selection and filtering method, and will ensure that the herbicide will be applied only to the harmful weed.

Within the scope of our project, object recognition algorithms and embedded computer-aided mechanical component management software have been developed. The software and methods we have developed are aligning with the industry 4.0 concept and can be integrated into various systems for many different purposes. Thus, our cumulative know-how on the AI led embedded technology creates oppurtunity to develop systems that are not bounded to target market

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Berkay Koçak

Founder & CEO

İbrahim Uçurmak

Embedded Systems Developer

Emirhan Kaya

Production & Planning

Afşin Baran Bayezit

Microcontroller Developer

Soner Babüroğlu

Angel Investor & Planning/Strategy Advisor

Faik Murat Umay

Finance & Business Development Advisor

Gökçen Eda Kızak

UX/UI Advisor

Murat Sabri Binay

Mechanical Design & Production