With savings up to 92% in herbicide spraying operation, we reduce agricultural production costs.

Problems Of Current Agricultural Sprayers

Excessive chemical residue on crops

Yearly yield and quality drop on soil

Spraying without checking whether there is a harmful weed or not, creates high chemical waste and inefficiency.

Resistance of harmful weeds increases

High levels of greenhouse gas emissions and disruptive effects on animal based farming

What is Smart SprayeX™ ?

Smart SprayeX is a tractor rear mounted agricultural sprayer.

Instead of the entire agricultural area, only harmful weeds will be sprayed using AI and computer vision technologies.

Why Smart SprayeX™ ?

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    Spraying Costs Comparison

    Comparison of 100 hectare sugar beet producer with


    savings rate and herbicide costs in 5 years

    Regular Agricultural Sprayer
    Smart Sprayex™

    *In addition to chemical consumption, water consumption will also be saved at the same rate.

    Product Variety

    Smart SprayeX Machine

    Tractor rear mounted 

    Smart SprayeXmachine

    Smart SprayeX Equipment

    Smart SprayeXkit that can be used

    to enhance regular sprayers.

    *Representative product images

    Crop & Weed Detection Examples

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